5 Top Excursions to Do on the Costa del Sol

We list here the five essential things to do on the Costa del Sol without having to travel many kilometers. We tell you: you are going to want to do them all.

A unique day in Peñón de Gibraltar


The first of the excursions on the Costa del Sol is that you spend a day in Gibraltar. You will be delighted, we promise you. It will seem a joke that in an area of just over 6 square kilometers, there is another currency, English is spoken and we find signs, police and premises in the purest British style.

We recommend that you spend the day downtown and then grab a sandwich on the top of the rock with great care, as the monkeys that live in this area will take your sandwich because they are scoundrels. Watching the sunset from the rock is one of the best things to do on the Costa del Sol at this time of day as the bay of Algeciras is amazing when the sun goes down.

Reservatauro, an absolutely incredible experience


Whether or not you like bulls, this is undoubtedly one of the best excursions from the Costa del Sol that we recommend you do. This livestock reserve is a few kilometers from the beautiful city of Ronda, which you could visit to complete the trip, and as I say, you will live the adrenaline of walking, without danger, among these animals without any kind of barrier between them and you.

If you are looking for essential things to do on the Costa del Sol, sign up for Reservatauro because as you see, saying that you have walked among bulls and you have fed them is not something you can do every day! In addition, the excursion includes a series of activities on the farm, exhibitions with horses and a small tasting of local products.

Climb on the Benalmadena cable car

teleferico benalmadena

Now we go to Benalmádena where we want to show you another very cool experience, one of the best things to do with children on the Costa del Sol: the ride through the Benalmádena cable car to the almost 800 meters of Monte Calamorro.

Not only is fun because of the climb up on the cable car, but because at the top they organize a show of birds of prey. There are picnic areas and a series of beautiful viewpoints that turn the experience of climbing into one of the best excursions on the Costa del Sol, and one of the favorites by all who come up here.

A trip to the subsoil of the Costa del Sol


From Benalmadena, we go to Nerja and its beautiful Cave where, with the help of Miguel Joven (from the Spanish series Verano Azul), you will discover the interior of one of the most beautiful caves in Andalusia through a beautiful itinerary that will fascinate you.

This cool excursion on the Costa del Sol can be done both in a group and in a “private” version. I recommend the last since the silence you will find in the cave is one of the strongest points of the experience. Listening to absolutely NOTHING is something astounding.

Walk the Caminito del Rey without suffering from vertigo

And finally, I did not want to stop recommending one of the funniest excursions on the Costa del Sol, one of our favorites and, at the same time, the newest in Andalusia due to its recent opening: Caminito del Rey.

A few years ago, only four climbers, somewhat loquacious, were the ones who dared to discover these impressive gorges, but today it is one of the most spectacular things to do on the Costa del Sol. Walk through its gorges, its glass floor, the suspension bridge … where do you want to start? 😉

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