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If you fancy the warm Mediterranean climate and would like to own property in Spain, then you should look at Apartments for sale in Mijas. Mijas is a small town in the region of Costa del Sol, southern Spain. It has all the characteristics of a laid back Andalusian village such as coastal resorts, quiet urbanization, souvenir shops, beachfront, stunning gardens, and golf courses. Whether you are looking for a simple apartment to accommodate your family or a luxurious space with exceptional amenities, you will find one in Mijas.

Marvel at the Natural Beauty

There are several Apartments in Mijas in front of the Mediterranean Sea. You can buy a cozy studio apartment with a breathtaking sight of the sea and a panoramic view of North Africa and Gibraltar. Other properties integrate urbanization with the natural landscape to showcase the spectacular country and mountain views.

Gated Communities

You can find magnificent Apartments for Sale in Mijas inside some of the best gated communities. Since space is not very expensive in this town, most gated communities feature pools and gardens. It is also common for developers to include a garage and storage rooms as part of the apartment unit.

Different Sizes and Prices

There are apartments of varying sizes in Mijas, including one and two-bedroom units. Other apartments feature a fully-equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, and bedrooms with a built-in wardrobe and a lift. Air conditioning is also an important consideration, so look out for spacious property with air conditioning and natural ambience.

Premium Apartments

Some of the more expensive apartments are located near a golf course, a popular beach, or major developments such as the Miramar Shopping Center. Such properties also feature private pools, gardens, and tennis courts. In most cases, properties located near major amenities command high prices because they can attract rental income.

Property Search with Orangestate

If you are Looking for Apartments for Sale in Mijas, you have come to the right place. Orangestate has many Apartments for sale in Mijas that suit different tastes and budgets. We can help you narrow down the search because no other agent knows Mijas better than Orangestate. We recommend that you start by creating a personal Orangestate account where you can save your favorite Mijas apartments. Use our advanced search tools to save time because we have done the legwork for you.


Apartments for sale in Mijas

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