Penthouses For Sale in Benahavís, Costa del Sol, Spain

Location of Penthouses for sale in Benahavís

Ensconced deep in the rustic western Costa del Sol Coast and near the majestic mountains of the Serrania de Ronda deep in the heart of the Andalusian country is a private unique and quiet place you can call home. Or home away from home. Get Penthouses for sale in Benahavís that have a panoramic view of the best Malaga has to offer. Strategically located, it has views of the clear coastline and the mountains. It is near sun-kissed beaches and perfect weather that initially drew the Berbers to the location. Centuries later, the same things that brought them to that jewel on the coast still appeal to our most profound nature, and it will come to you if you get Penthouses in for sale in Benahavís. Utter happiness and contentment await you. Minutes away from the undulating coast and hidden in the heartland of Malaga, this is the very best Andalusia has to offer, with exotic and authentic Malaga waiting.


Crafted with the most beautiful window makers, are windows that let in as much sunlight as possible while providing a stunning view of the breath-taking mountains of the Serrania de Rondo. With large wardrobes in each bedroom, you can carry most of what Malaga has to offer to the comfort of your home. Andalusian cuisine will be a breeze to delve into as a result of the large open plan kitchen with open granite tops are some of the things Penthouses for sale in Benahavís have to offer. The aromatic flavours will waft through the Kitchen Island and spacious living room, leaving you and your guests yearning for more. Impeccably finished walls and ceilings give the property an unmatched air of luxury. Driving and experiencing the Malaga countryside will be a boon as a result of the numerous parking spots offered to all Penthouses.

The country air and quiet ambiance are a boon, and the bedrooms are inviting and warm, and with a terrace, in the master bedroom, they will leave you well-rested and content after waking up. Bathrooms have a shower cubicle and a large bathtub made of the most beautiful ceramics and are a class apart. A large pool and clubhouse are located within the confines of the property for you to enjoy on those sun-drenched days. With a large laundry room, Penthouses for sale in Benahavís are indeed a complete package. With a large array of price points and options, Penthouses in Benahavís are valid and well in reach options for you.


Penthouses for sale in Benahavís

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