Extraordinary Evolution of Málaga as a Tourist Destination in the Last Decade

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A report by Turismo Costa del Sol analyzes different tourism indicators in the province, highlighting the “extraordinary evolution” experienced in the last decade, for example, that the arrival of passengers by the airport of Málaga has increased by 46.5 percent in the period analyzed.

Thus, it was established that in 2008, 6.34 million passengers landed at the Málaga airport, a figure that raised to 6.43 million in 2013 and 9.2 million in 2017. This is compounded by the increase in the number of cruise passengers in the port of Málaga city, with a 44.5 percent increase over ten years, going from 353,390 in 2008 to 397,098 in 2013 and 510,682 in 2017.

The president of Turismo Costa del Sol, Elias Bendodo, stressed the fact that the most important thing is that the evolution of these indicators “reflect in the generation of employment and wealth throughout the province and increased the offer to serve these travelers and their needs.”

The increase in regulated tourist accommodation places has grown over the last decade, going from 154,270 accommodations available for tourists every day in 2008, to 277,567 today.

Thus, Costa del Sol has gone from 2,049 regulated tourist establishments to 20,741 in 2017. Costa del Sol has also become the area with the highest concentration of golf courses in continental Europe, with a quarter of Spain being “one of the most valued destinations in this sense.”

Nearly seven million travelers stayed in regulated establishments in 2017, which is 24.4 percent more than in 2008, when 5.62 million were accommodated. This increase has its repercussion, therefore, in the number of overnight stays generated, which are already 28.22 million, this is 31 percent more than those generated in 2008 (22.33 million).

The report by Turismo Costa del Sol also analyzes the evolution of passengers arriving at AVE in the analyzed period, which has gone from 358,000 in 2005 to almost 900,000 in 2017. “All these extraordinarily positive data should drive us to continue working on the accomplishment of the constant challenges that have made Costa del Sol position itself as one of the best tourist destinations, thanks to the extraordinary quality of all its services,” concluded Bendodo.

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