Costa del Sol: the most popular choice to retire

Retire in Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol in Spain has become a favorite destination for expats looking for a good place to settle down after retirement. From Russians to the French, Germans to the Britons, and other nationalities in between, individuals from different parts of the world are increasingly being attracted to settle down at the Costa del Sol. Apart from its magnetism, what else does this part of Spain have that makes it so appealing to retirees?

1. Favorable Climate

Climate is by far a common denominator among the people who opt to settle in this area of Spain. Boasting of around 300 days filled with sunshine in a year, it’s an area that’s constantly honoring its name. Additionally, the average temperature in the area is about 65°F or about 19°C.
The warm weather is a favorite for many foreigners, many of whom are from countries that experience below-zero temperatures for weeks in a year.

2. Healthcare

Spain happens to have a healthcare system that is renowned around the world for its top-notch services. Whether attending a private or public facility, residents and visitors are assured of high-quality services.
Healthcare is an important consideration for many retirees as this is a time when they need the services the most. Keep in mind that the body is bound to become feeble as the years advance.

3. World-Class Beaches

Costa del Sol has world-class beaches which soon become a highlight for any person who chooses to relocate here.
What’s better than getting to relax in pristine sandy beaches, and every so often taking a dip in the cool ocean waters?
Sunbathing by the seaside is also a great way to pass time, especially when you are in your old age.

4. Shopping and Leisure

Very few places in Spain have the necessary infrastructure necessary to support a life of leisure and relaxation like Costa del Sol.
If you’re into shopping, you will find that the local community has an infinity of shopping malls and designer clothing stores stocking everything you need to live comfortably.
The area is also filled with theme parks, theaters, sports facilities, golf clubs, and marinas. It’s basically an all-inclusive location.

5. Character

The Spanish people have a relaxed way of life that any person can easily adapt to. Andalusia also comes with its own idiosyncrasies that help make it easy to live in Costa del Sol.
Expats from different parts of the world will find that they can live a pleasant life here as they enjoy what’s remaining of their lives. They can also spend their free time engaging in conversations with locals, making friends, and interacting with its residents.

6. Gastronomy

Andalusian and Spanish cuisine is another reason that makes this area of Spain one of the best retirement locations around.
Who can resist a good paella, skewer of sardines, or a plate of fried fish? Regardless of your sentiments on seafood, you’re bound to get tempted to sample the local cuisine.

7. Transportation

The presence of the Malaga-Costa del Sol airport means that there are many airlines operating from this area.
This also means that there are many destinations covered by the available airlines. Retirees who have located in this area should, therefore, have no problem flying back home to visit their families whenever the need arises.

8. Low Cost of Living

Costa del Sol has a lower cost of living compared to many other similar destinations in the more developed countries. Apart from the climate, affordability is a good reason to consider relocating here.
You should, however, note that the cost will depend on whether you live in a small town or in a gated community.

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