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Top 6 new developments in Mijas

Top 6 new developments in Mijas

Mijas is a municipality in two parts on the South Coast of Spain not far from Malaga. The old town is a charming knot of picturesque white buildings boasting epic views over the coastal landscape a few hundred meters above sea level. This area is the modern gateway to the Mediterranean with an impressive range of verdant golf courses, sandy beaches and upscale holiday communities with modern homes. Here...

Top 5 new developments Benalmádena

Top 5 New Developments in Benalmádena in 2020

Benalmádena is not only a great place to visit, but also one to consider investing in, especially if looking for a place with sunny weather. The summer season is a time for tourists and locals to indulge themselves and have unrestricted fun. It’s the place to be if looking to spend some time on the beach, enjoy a sangria or two in the warm summer evenings, or even take a dip in the Mediterranean...

Costa del Sol: the most popular choice to retire

Retire in Costa del Sol The Costa del Sol in Spain has become a favorite destination for expats looking for a good place to settle down after retirement. From Russians to the French, Germans to the Britons, and other nationalities in between, individuals from different parts of the world are increasingly being attracted to settle down at the Costa del Sol. Apart from its magnetism, what else does this...

How Sunlight Affects Mood in Costa del Sol

The Mood of Sunshine in Costa del Sol Costa del Sol is the sunniest town found in the southern part of Spain. This town experiences sunshine almost all year. As a result of its amazing climate, Costa del Sol is full of beautiful sandy beaches in addition to its breathtaking nature. Despite all these favorable living conditions, the lifestyle in this town is quite affordable, as well as safe. If you are...

Again, Spaniards are looking for a house on the beach

The interest in acquiring a second home in coastal areas resurfaces again, after the difficulties of the crisis. It is a classic picture of summer for several decades: the family loads their vehicle with suitcases full of swimsuits, towels, umbrellas, and whatever equipment is considered necessary to enjoy a few days of relaxation in one of the coastal towns of Spain For years, enjoying a residence...

EL MUNDO interviews David Darby, co-founder of Orangestate

David Martín Darby, CEO of Strata Investment and co-founder of Orangestate "Buena Vista Hills, the best real estate offer on the Costa del Sol in terms of price, quality and location." Featuring 19 years of experience in the real estate market of Costa del Sol, Orangestate has been able to cope with a crisis and come out stronger with the creation of a new line of business, Strata Investment. Strata is...

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