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Luxury Properties in Marbella are getting ready for a Real Estate Boom

Marbella has become one of the most exciting real estate markets. The demand for residential luxury properties during 2021 has been steadily increasing every month. According to local real estate experts, Orangestate, it's a trend that is expected to rise even further. It's the perfect time to invest in Marbella.   Positive Real Estate Activity At the beginning of the pandemic, analysts predicted...

Real estate market forecast for the last quarter of 2021

Recovering from Covid 19 continues to be a long road but summer 2021 has seen a renewed interest in properties on the Costa del Sol. Renewed and somewhat refreshed, and with a new view of embracing a better quality of life, buyers are keen to snap up second homes on the sun basked golden coast. Many of us have seen an improvement in savings caused by the enforced break in our lives. Buying a property at...

5 Most Exclusive Villas in Marbella

The Costa del Sol is famous for its superior, luxury lifestyle. It's where you'll find some of the world's most exclusive properties. Málaga in particular is a highly sought after region with a wealth of distinctive, unique homes. Orangestate offers an outstanding, professional service that can help you locate a superb villa that epitomises the luxury lifestyle that can only be found on the Costa del...


Top 17 New Developments in Marbella and Estepona

Marbella and Estepona are cities in the southernmost part of the province of Malaga in Spain. Both cities are famous for their beautiful beaches and abundance of hotels, restaurants, and bars. The distance of Estepona from Marbella Town Centre is merely 25km. In fact, Estepona, which was once a fishing village, has grown to such an extent that it is today referred to as mini Marbella. Following are top 17...

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Why Spanish Housing Prices Have Increased by 8%

When analyzing the data which explains the 8% Spanish housing market increase, it is relevant to focus on the basis of price determination: supply and demand Last week, the College of Registrars reported a repeated housing price index increase of a 7.7% nationwide. Of the many house price indicators, repeated housing sales is one of the ones with the highest statistical quality, because it only...

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Costa del Sol, a Very Attractive Region for Real Estate Investment

Many years have passed since the beginning of the crisis somewhere round 2007, due to the global financial crisis and the bubble generated in the real estate sector. The restructuring has been slowly occurring until 2013, with 2015 being the inflection point towards the first symptoms of recovery. During 2016, the purchase and sale of housing reached 403,866 units, 85% of them were second hand, being...

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Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

With a lot of information always available on the internet, clients at times do ask us, "Why should we hire a real estate agent?" They imagine, and truthfully so if they could not purchase or sell a home via the Internet or constant marketing and advertising means with no representation, with no real estate agent. Some do OK, but many don't. So if you're in that category, here are ten significant reasons...

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